When Bad Things Happen.

Don’t waste time dwelling on life’s negatives. Make a conscious decision to re-claim happiness.


Bad things happen to good people and I often wonder how this comes about.

The religion I grew up with says bad things happen to people because we have free will and because God has reasons that we don’t understand.

The spiritual belief is that bad things happen because we have lessons to learn that enable our higher self (our own spirit) to achieve its full potential.

According to friends and family, bad things happen because we can handle it, that we were sent here to help a person through their struggles, or because something even worse was going to happen and you were lucky it didn’t.

Personally, I believe bad things happen because that’s just how life can roll. To imagine that some of the bad things I’ve experienced were some kind of deliberate plan takes the fight out of me. I mean, who plans the negative just to teach me a life lesson?

My misfortunes have confirmed that I’m resilient, strong and resourceful; I have coped because I had to, I’ve I bounced back because I wanted to and I’m optimistic because there’s no reason not to be. Negative events are not connected, so once something has passed (or when I’ve learnt to accept it) I pack it up and put it away.

Talk to anyone and they will tell you bad things happen to them, too.  Their misfortunes aren’t the same as yours and they may not have had as many as you’ve had (yet). Occasionally we find somebody who says they’ve been lucky in life but these people have been through their bad times – they are just choosing to focus on their current happiness.

We may think we deserve better but life isn’t a list of measurements, debts, getting what you deserve – it’s just… life. Heartache, grief, regret and misery doesn’t discern between class, race, religion, age or postcode.  There are no guarantees.  We all go through tough times, and while we’re down we yearn to laugh again.

It’s important to go through the full range of emotions but, at some point, we must take steps to reclaim our happiness. Plan ahead. Make lists of what you need and strive to achieve your goals. Accept the fact that sometimes things don’t work out how you planned and when you get knocked down, reclaim your happiness and standing back up again.

(Images: thehappinessmission.com.au; robertholden.org; all4desktop.com)

Author: The Life Of Sue

I live by the sea in the Australian state of Victoria. My life hasn't been very extraordinary, however I seem to have a way of looking at my life events that makes them seem a little sensational. This is because I enjoy words and I cherish the art of storytelling. Painting a picture of my life experiences for others to share is relaxing and fun. Although these things really happened to me, I usually change names to protect the privacy of others; and there are many stories that will never be told on this forum. I believe I could write a story a day for the rest of my life - I'd never run out of things to write. See all my stories at www.thelifeofsue.wordpress.com

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