The Life Of Sue

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Wander, But Don’t Touch.  Childhood:  Exploring my aunty’s house.

Emotional journeys.   Negative emotions.

Brace… and Tumble.   Resilience.

I am… Nature & Nurture   Grandparents.

What the heck happened?   Three generations of social change.

Grief Train.  Miscarriage and recovery.

Neurology.   Identity isn’t always as fixed as we’d like it to be. My children’s DNA.

A True War Story.  A Vietnam Veteran’s personal story.

Torture, arranged marriage and recovery.  Tortured and freed – but never quite free.

Love: A Beautiful Magnet.    How falling in love for the first time felt for me.

Seeking Love: My First Date.  At 48 yrs old I went on the second “first date” of my life.

Finding Love: How To Handle First Dates  First dates – what to expect, what to do.

Seeking Love: Ten months into dating.  Looking for the heart of gold.

Seeking Love: Success And Humour. 

Dating: Stay Exclusive or Spread It Around?

Online chat rooms – smoke and mirrors. Online chat rooms.

The Day I Was On The News!  A totally unpredictable outcome on the day my town was flooded and I tried to help.

The Dead Guy.     An ungrateful and nasty dead guy that we revived.

The Power of Men.  Invisible social messages that gave 1970s men power over women.

A Jewish Funeral.  A Jewish funeral that chilled me to the bone.

My Just Desserts.  Childhood story:  The street bully had me cornered and Mum took the bullet for me.

This Is What Rain Does To Me.  Childhood Story:  Memories of a rainstorm during my childhood and the impact it has on me now, when I hear rain.

I am… Nature & Nurture   Childhood story: My role models.

Looking For My Inner Child.   Being childish is okay.

Death and dying.  Sending our Newfoundland dogs over the rainbow bridge.

My Final Letter to My Grandma.    Read at my grandmother’s funeral.

Aunty Joy’s Australian Stories.    Older people have fascinating histories.

Identity: Am I good enough?   Practical tips for getting through life with the confidence to feel as if you belong just as the person you are.

DAS: A Bank Robber, Drug Addict, Ex-Con, Survivor.  The story of survival from neglected and abused child to drug addict, bank robber, prisoner and now survivor.

I lost my best friend of 42 years.  A mistaken belief of betrayal.

When Bad Things Happen.   Why do shitty things happen to good people?

Violence: A Little Bit Is Not Okay.   Our behaviours and attitudes are passed down to our kids.

Children… excuses, excuses, excuses.  The life of a teacher amongst the inventive excuses of children who just don’t feel like doing their school work.

Word of the day: ‘Purpose’    A challenge to write about the word: ‘Purpose’.

Word Of The Day: “Childhood”  A challenge to write about the word: ‘Childhood’